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Cyber attackers cashing in on ‘hidden’ attack surface

There are five main ways cyber attackers are exploiting traditional approaches to cyber security, which typically overlook organisations’ online interactions, according to a report by threat management firm RiskIQ. “Increased risk of cyber attack and associated consequences like data theft, operational disruption, brand erosion, and employee and customer compromise have become a natural side… Read More »

Nigerian cyber attackers up their game

Nigerian cyber adversaries are using multiple commodity malware tools to modernise their operations, the latest report by Palo Alto Networks’ security division reveals. This shift represents a significant evolution from the traditional 419-style email scams, according to the report by company’s Unit 42 security researchers. The adoption of malware by these email scam groups… Read More »

Security Think Tank: More time equals more opportunity for cyber attackers

The time taken by firms to detect breaches increased 40% to 175 days on average in 2017 compared with 2016, according to FireEye. In extreme cases, this dwell time can be even longer. For instance, the GhostNet organised crime group successfully targeted government organisations in 103 countries over a two-year period, remaining undetected within… Read More »